Masking tapes

  • Single sided plastering tape

    Single sided plastering tape with an extended time of adhesion to a substrate – up to 14 days. Made of PE foil with a specially formulated acrylic masking glue. Easy removable without visible marks. Characterized by strong adhesion to various, especially rough surfaces such as plaster , gypsum or bricks. It is also UV resistant. […]

  • Blue Masking Tape

    Single sided adhesive paper masking tape with guarantee of 7-days clean removal. Made of an easy-to-tear paper, easily removable without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. It is characterized by good adhesion to different types of surfaces (also to plastic, glass) and UV resistance. It is used mainly in painting […]

  • Masking tape

    Single sided, paper masking tape suitable for painting and plasterer’s works. Protects smooth surfaces made of wood, metal, plastic or glass. Does not leave marks. Tapes are available in different sizes.