• Warning foil in dispenser

    Warning foils packed in comfortable dispensers are ideal for marking racing routes, outdoor events or road works. A cardboard dispenser enables fast and convenient application and protects the foil from contamination at the same time.

  • protective films with overprint

    Protective film is an excellent, cheap and long-lasting form of advertisement aimed at/reaching to the final consumer. They make up an efficient protection of parcels from unwelcomed or undesirable opening because the overprinted foils cannot be falsified. They contribute to the development of your company’s positive recognition Typographic form of an overprint: – Surface flexographic […]

  • protective films

    High quality LDPE/HDPE films made of 1, 2 or 3 layers, with glue. Self-adhesive protective films are highly resistant to weather conditions, in particular to water and UV radiation. Protective films are used for preservation of surfaces from mechanical damage during transportation, storage or montage. The highest quality of foil and acrylic glue are guarantors […]

  • Protective film for floors and windows

    Protective film for floors and windows (glass, terracotta, parquet, panels, etc.) is used for protecting surfaces against mechanical damages and dirt during repairing and building works, installation, transport or storage. Self-adhesive protective film, is highly resistant to different weather conditions, in particular to water and UV radiation. The highest quality of film and acrylic glue […]

  • Protective film for carpets

    Self-adhesive protective film is a fast and easy protection for carpets during the renovation, construction and painting works. It is designed for rough surfaces. The highest quality film guarantees it’s resistance to mechanical damage or breaking. Doesn’t leave marks after removal. Perfect for protection of places with high traffic during changing weather conditions.


    High quality polyethylene foam with non-permanent adhesive. Protects products from humidity, eliminates the risk of scratching, does not react with varnishes. Its excellent elasticity allows comfortable wrapping of fragile objects. It can be used with all types of surfaces.

  • Silver tape (metalized BOPP)

    Metalized, single sided tape on BOPP foil. Perfect for assembling of ventilation and air-conditioning ducts. Also used for decoration. Available as well on 1 inch cores.

  • Duct tape, universal

    Universal, single sided tape perfect for connection of heat and air-conditioning insulation. Ideal for all kinds of repairs of tubing made of plastic, PCV, rubber, foil or for tents. Available in different sizes.

  • Aluminum Tape

    Aluminum tape based on 30 my thick aluminum foil with acrylic glue characterized by high thermal. Tape is used for joining ventilation ducts made of aluminum, insulation panels coated with aluminum, and other materials. Aluminum tape is ideal isolation – both thermal and steamy. UV and high temperature resistant.

  • PP Double-sided tape

    PP double-sided tape, on silicone paper. Suitable for fixing carpets, carpet tiles and other floor covers in an easy, clean and fast way. Prevents moving or folding of carpets. Characterized by strong adhesion and resistance to ripping. Tapes are available in different sizes.

  • Double-sided tape

    Reinforced double-sided tape with textile, on silicone paper. Characterized by strong adhesion and resistance to ripping. Possible hand-tearing increases work comfort. Suitable for fixing carpets, carpet tiles and other floor covers in an easy, clean and fast way. Prevents moving or folding of carpets. Thick glue layer and well adhering textile allows the tape to […]

  • Foam tape

    Double tape based on PE foam. Designed for permanent fixing of different materials. Excellent adhesion to wood, metal, glass, plastic and other. Highly resistant to aging, UV-radiation, oils and plasticizers. Tapes are available in different sizes, in white and black color.

  • Single sided plastering tape

    Single sided plastering tape with an extended time of adhesion to a substrate – up to 14 days. Made of PE foil with a specially formulated acrylic masking glue. Easy removable without visible marks. Characterized by strong adhesion to various, especially rough surfaces such as plaster , gypsum or bricks. It is also UV resistant. […]

  • Blue Masking Tape

    Single sided adhesive paper masking tape with guarantee of 7-days clean removal. Made of an easy-to-tear paper, easily removable without leaving residue or damaging the surface to which it is applied. It is characterized by good adhesion to different types of surfaces (also to plastic, glass) and UV resistance. It is used mainly in painting […]

  • Masking tape

    Single sided, paper masking tape suitable for painting and plasterer’s works. Protects smooth surfaces made of wood, metal, plastic or glass. Does not leave marks. Tapes are available in different sizes.