Self-adhesive labels

  • Self-adhesive jumbo rolls for printers and converters

    All qualities of label laminates produced by Dalpo are available also as jumbo rolls ready for further converting and slitting. Widths and lengths are produced on demand, according customer`s individual needs.

  • Z-folded labels

    Universal, Z-folded labels are perfect for serial, high volume prints. Different available types of papers make our products sufficient for most of printing systems.

  • Weigh scale thermal labels

    Weigh scale thermal labels are used to identify the final weight of a product and to print a barcode. They are widely applied in all retail stores and supermarkets and are mostly used for the weighing of fruits, vegetables and meat products. Special thermal paper works perfect in most of store scales and conditions.

  • Paper Labels in Sheets (format A4)

    Standard Labels on A4 format can be used wherever industrial productivity is not required. In our offer there are available white and colored labels.

  • Printed labels

    PMS – Graphical form of imprint –flexographic overprint –overprint up to 8 colors; colors matched according to PANTONE Matching System –overprint may be designed by Dalpo Graphic Studio CMYK (PHOTO LABEL) – Graphical form of imprint –flexographic overprint –colors matched according to CMYK scale –parameters of print: LPI 122, DPI 2540 –excellent print in photographical […]

  • Paper labels on a roll

    – Thermal transfer labels – printed by using thermal transfer ribbons. Thermo transfer print is characterized by high durability, mechanical and chemical resistance depending on the used ribbon. Available types of paper: vellum, semi gloss, gloss. -Direct thermal labels – using of thermal transfer ribbons is not required, the print appears under the influence of […]

  • Polyethylene and Polypropylene Labels

    This group of labels is characterized by high mechanical and chemical resistance. We have in our offer white gloss and transparent labels on permanent glue. They can be used for marking archives, libraries, storage racks etc. Polyethylene labels – White PE 80 my – Transparent PE 80 my Polypropylene labels – PP white gloss